C&PE Department

Enhanced Oil Recovery

Research Projects:

Title:Nanoparticles for CO2 foam Stabilization
Funding Agency: KICC
Duration:  2015- 2018

Title:Understanding the Underlying Mechanisms of Low Salinity and Modified Salinity Water-Flooding Processes for Limestone Formations
Funding Agency: KICC
Duration: 2014- 2019

Title: Recovery Potential of Chemical Flood for Heavy Oil San Miguel Reservoirs in Trinity Field, TX- Experimental & Numerical Analysis
Funding Agency: Quadrant Energy
Duration: 2014- 2016

Research Equipment:

- Amott Imbibition Cells

- HPHT Coreflooding Setup for EOR: CO2 Flooding, CO2 Foam Flooding, Chemical/Polymer Flooding, and Water Flooding

- Dean Stark Distillation for Water-Oil Extraction from Whole Core Samples

- HPHT Interfacial Tension and Contact Angle Measurement Setup

- HPHT Rheometer for EOR Fluids and Foam Studies

- HPHT Gas Huff-n-Puff Setup for Shale IOR

- Dynamic Aging System for Core Samples






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