C&PE Department

Ahmad Ghuloum

MSc in Petroleum Engineering
Primary office:


Ahmad Ghuloum received his BSc degree from Kuwait University's Petroleum and Engineering Department in 2009. Later he joined Kuwait Oil Company (KOC) to work as Petroleum Engineer in Field Development Group-North Kuwait fields for around 8 years. As part of the employee development plan in KOC, he has been nominated to pursue his master degree in petroleum Engineering. Currently he is a graduate student in Chemical & Petroleum Engineering department of the University of Kansas, working with Dr. Reza Barati's group.


Selected Publications

  • Chong, M. O., Ghlom, A., Al-Mufarej, M., & Al-Sulaili, M. (2016, November 12). Production Measurement Correction for ESP Wells Using Modified Connection Set-Up and Procedures on Flow Measurement Units. International Petroleum Technology Conference. doi:10.2523/IPTC-18952-MS

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